The Struggle is Real: A Day of Marvel Presscon in the Life of Chris Evans (x

Bonus Chris shaking his head because reasons


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let me introduce you to shiniez's work.  hes a professional artist, doing a comic in his spare time.  his art is absolutely beautiful.

the story hes currently working on is mainly about 2 girls, names lisa and ally.  they meet over the internet and become friends.  the story begins with them meeting up for the first time to practice bdsm.  it ends with them getting married (we’re far from the end, but that’s what the artist claims will happen)

the story emphasizes consent, safe practice, and aftercare.  it involves two women falling in love, threesomes, and accurate depiction of bdsm

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He’s very informative.

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X-Men Illustrations - Created by Tu Bui

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Exciting News!




A few weeks ago, Kim approached me about my Flux Buddies drawing and I am super excited to be able to tell you guys that there is now merch available with my art on it!

If you want to support Kim, you can head over here and get one of the shirts or an iPhone case!

A huge thank you to the incredibly talented Boa for drawing this amazing artwork! X

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(Blade of the Immortal, Hiroaki Samura)

Okay, I’ve been envious of this artist’s way of expressing fantastic movements through his art for quite a while now. This post only furthers it. 

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